St. Anne UCC Monthly Meeting Minutes

January 12, 2017  -  7:00 PM

Attendees:  See sign in sheet

  1. Cookie Walk/nut roll sale report
    1. This was our 10th year for cookie walk.
    2. This year was very profitable.
    3. Many thanks to all our bakers and a special that’s to Karen and Wilmer Wiley and Annie Macios who coordinated the event.
  2. Christmas Pagent / St. Nick / Potluck report
    1. The pagent was great. Would like to earn some money to rent/buy microphones for next year so everyone can hear the children.
    2. Special thanks to Susan Lewychyj , the Religious Ed parents & teachers and St. Nick for a great time.
  3. Pryohy Update – Mary Lou
    1. Will start up again on Feburary 8th.
    2. Helene will make sure ad gets into paper the 1st week of February.
    3. All frozen were sold at cookie walk.
    4. Suggestion was made to ask parishioners to spread the work of our wonderful pryohy sale on Wednesdays.
  4. Amazon Smile
    1. Feedback has been good.
    2. This is an ongoing fundraiser so spread the work to family and friends.
    3. Mary Lou will make up flyer to pass out with pryohy sales.
  5. Bingo Update – Jim/Gretchen
    1. Players are down due to winter
    2. More help is needed to keep this going.
  6. Ukrainian Dinner – March 4th
    1. Last year didn’t have enough help, during the day, to make food due to vacations and illness. Consider doing Cabbage and make holubschi the “night” before if we can get new volunteers.
    2. Pat will send Helene ad to put in newspaper.
  7. Easter Food Sale – Helene
    1. Orders taken starting 3/4/17 with pick up 4/8/17
    2. Helene will get flyers to hand out with pryohy orders.
  8. Property Update/Repairs needed
    1. New roof on church – will start after Easter
    2. New water system for Hall.
  9. Advertising – Helene
    1. Will change ads to put pryohy ad in the newspaper the 1st week and the Bingo ad in the 2nd week, going forward.
    2. Try to spice up the “We’re Back” pryohy ad so people notice it.
  10. Other items from group
    1. Paint Night fundraiser – Will be sometime in May. Helene will organize.  They can take a maximum of 100 people.
    2. Ukrainian CCD Brunch – is going well. Hope more people will stop in. May have to think about charging a set fee since donations are not covering costs.
    3. Square Dance Fundraiser – David and Olympia went to event run by caller they were considering. He would not work out for us.  More of a class not dance. Off the table for now.
    4. Food Collection for Local Community – question came up as to if this is ongoing or just thru holiday.  If ongoing, should it be 1 week a month so food doesn’t seem to be sitting around for a while?  Helene will check with Annie Macios.  David Novitsky said he would be available to help deliver if necessary.
    5. Easter Dinner will be April 30th.

Submitted by Meeting Coordinator, Mary Lou Polansky